Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wet cell phone? Never use a hair dryer

When your cell phone gets wet you never want to use a hair dryer or any other form of heat such as using a clothes dryer, placing in direct sun of a windshield, or using an oven. Why? I will explain, a cell phones inner circuitry is extremely delicate and held together by tiny solder points. This solder is no longer made with lead, this means the melting point is much lower than it once was. When you use any source of heat on your phone directly it melts these tiny solder points causing damage to the inner workings of your cell phone. Melting the internal solder on your phone could cause the wiring to come loose and your phone will have damage that can not be repaired easily or inexpensively. When you are dealing with a wet cell phone stick to a professional product made to dry wet cell phones not home remedies. DRY-ALLs' wet cellular phone emergency kit .

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